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Team JSTR [RWBY Fan-Art] by Cetah
Team JSTR [RWBY Fan-Art]

So this is some fan-art for the Roosterteeth series RWBY. This is team JSTR (pronounced Jester) comprised of the four OC’s Jazz, Sienna, Tea and Rouge. The backstory that I made up in my mind for them is that they’re hunters from a wandering caravan that travels outside the borders of the four remaining settled regions of Remnant. Though only touched upon briefly in a World of Remnant video, I thought the idea of people still living and disappearing in the wilderness of the world quite interesting.

I Imagined the caravan to take in wayward people of different places wherever they go. These would include Faunus. Some would name them a “Circus” out of disrespect, but the caravan would take to the name more with pride than shame. I figured that since Grimm are attracted to negative emotions, most of the people in the caravan would have to be quite adept at controlling their emotions which would be mirrored in it’s protectors. Hunters from the Circus would have such control that when Grimm would attack, they alone would succumb to internal negative emotions, rage, fear, hate etc. to draw the Grimm to them and away from the people they’d be protecting. When those people they’d be safe they’d leave this battle-state and become less visible to the Grimm again. The weapons they use are somewhat different from those of other Hunters. Since upkeep of weapons with a lot of moving parts would be harder for people outside of the major cities. Their weapons have taken on a different appearance altogether because of this. Combining both tech and dust to essentially make the parts that do the “cutting” less susceptible to decay and dulling.

The outfits the characters wear are designed to more easily take on the role of distraction. Though Grimm don’t see the difference of course, it is more for themselves, since an actor takes on a role more easily if he/she dresses the part. The designs themselves carry influences from different sources of clowns/tricksters/jesters in our own cultures and mythology.

Jazz is the leader of the group and the sister of Tea. Wearing a dust claw and fighting more like a berserker. Though underneath the surface there is a lot of control, as is required from a Circus huntress. She cloaks herself from head to toe to embody the fear and hate with which she and her brother were treated as children. Though these idea’s might be similar to those of the White Fang, she doesn’t differentiate between Human or Faunus as the Circus houses both. Her design is influenced by renaissance jesters and warlocks and was originally my submission to the Velvet design contest.…

Sienna lost his arms due to the strain his semblance puts on his body. His semblance being the ability to create hard light objects. His semblance requires him to imagine an object perfectly in order for it to remain stable. This is something his current mechanical eye helps him with greatly, as it can simply project what he wishes to create. Making it not necessary to imagine something from scratch. Both his arms and eye were created by several mechanically brilliant people that call the circus their home. His arms being again a combination of dust and tech and being able to withstand the pressure his ability puts on them. His design is influenced by renaissance jesters and western clowns.

Tea is the probable the most laid-back person from the team. It’s his semblance that enables him to wield the sword he does. Though the weight of the sword is less than it seems, Tea’s possesses increased muscle density enabling him to run faster and have more strength than other people. Though these traits aren’t as extreme as say Ruby’s or Yang’s (when enraged) they are more in balance with each other and allow a greater degree of control. It’s for this reason that he often takes on more of a “tank” role when in combat. He also carries dust-bombs on his belt. His design is influenced by monks, tricksters and the mythical creature Faun.

Rouge is the “mage” of the group, firing dust blasts from the orbs of her staff. She’s also the most athletic and energetic of the group. She’s the only one from the group that was born in the wilderness her mother being a Circus huntress before her. Her design is influenced by western clowns with a touch of a certain DC character.


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